Barbara Wilson-Keates RN, PhD

VP for International Affairs

Dr. Barbara Wilson-Keates RN, PhD (University of Toronto), MS (Georgia State University), CCSNE is an academic coordinator in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University. Physically located in Alberta, Canada, Athabasca University is an online and open university that allows students from across the world to achieve their learning goals in a rapidly changing world. A seasoned educator and clinician, her research program examines the use of simulation as an innovative teaching pedagogy in both real classrooms and clinical as well as online, virtual learning environments. She is an active member of several INACSL committees, including the INACSL Standards Committee and current chair of the International Affairs Committee. She is actively works to promote and support INACSL Regional Interest Groups (RIG) and aims to further support the development of knowledge, partnerships, and collaboration for international INACSL members. As a previous simulation lead at the University of Alberta, Dr. Wilson-Keates is a known consultant for healthcare providers and faculty on debriefing, scenario scriptwriting, and virtual simulation in an online and large classroom environment and is a research mentor for clinical educators using hospital-based simulation. She is a regular reviewer for Clinical Simulation in Nursing and for INACSL annual conference abstracts.

Barbara Wilson Keates