History of Clinical Simulation in Nursing Journal

The Inaugural issue of INACSL’s journal, Clinical Simulation in Nursing Education, was published in June 2005 and presented at the National Skills Conference via a CD-ROM – the best available format at the time. From 2005-2008 the journal was published in the member’s only section of the website as an online journal approximately two times per year. During this time the journal published up to 64 pages of online editorial material over two issues (approximately 32 pages per issue). In 2007, Dr. Suzie Kardong-Edgren was appointed Editor-in-Chief, an editorial board was established, and the name of the Journal was changed to Clinical Simulation in Nursing. In 2008, Elsevier was selected as the publisher. In 2009, the journal expanded to publish six issues per year with up to 192 pages (approximately 32 pages per issue), and the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) first indexed the journal. With the continued expansion of the Journal, Allen Hanberg was named Associate Editor and Janis Childs accepted the position of Association Journal Administrator.

Clinical Simulation in Nursing earned a 1.36 Impact Factor rating in 2015, placing the Journal in the second quartile of the category of Nursing – a remarkable accomplishment for a first-year Impact Factor publication.

Dr. Nicole Harder accepted the position of Assistant Editor. In 2017 Dr. Harder was appointed to Editor-in-Chief when Dr. Suzie Kardong-Edgren stepped down from the position.

In 2016, Dr. Tracy Levett-Jones accepted the position of assistant editor with multiple Assistant Editors being appointed to aid in the continued growth of the journal.

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