Margaret (Meg) Meccariello

MegMargaret (Meg) Meccariello passed away on November 19, 2015.

Meg was dedicated to creating meaningful learning experiences for her students through creativity and innovation. As an pioneer in simulation she was passionate about creating cost effective realistic scenarios.

Meg spent much of her professional volunteer hours serving INACSL. Meg used to say, "I wasn't a founding member of INACSL but I joined the next year." Her impact on the organization can be seen today through HomeGrown Solutions, a collaborative effort between NLN and INACSL, and at the Meg Meccariollo sessions held each year during the INACSL Conference. Both initiatives continue Meg's legacy by sharing low cost solutions to simulation. INACSL past president Valerie Howard put it best, "Meg truly believed in INACSL."

Meg will be missed by so many and remembered for her impact on simulation education.