COVID-19 and Virtual Learning Resource List

In response to COVID-19 many healthcare programs have move face-to-face learning to a virtual or distance platform. INACSL has provided a list of virtual learning resources for the healthcare simulation community. If you don’t see a resource here that you would like us to add please SUBMIT your resource for consideration.


  • Elsevier COVID-19 Information Center
    Free access to the latest research and links to around 20,000 articles from across the 2,500+ journals.
  • Foronda, C.L., Fernandez-Burgos, M., Nadeau, C., Kelley, C.N., & Henry, M.N. (2020, February). Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education: A Systematic Review Spanning 1996-2018. Simulation in Healthcare, 15(1), p 46-54.
  • Gordon, R. M. (2017). Debriefing Virtual Simulation Using an Online Conferencing Platform: Lessons Learned. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 13(12), 668–674.
  • Padilha, J. M., Machado, P. P., Ribeiro, A. L., & Ramos, J. L. (2018). Clinical Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 15, 13–18.
  • Remote Access Guide to ScienceDirect, Scopus and Reaxys
    Guide (including videos) on how to access Elsevier platforms
  • Rourke, S. (2020). How does virtual reality simulation compare to simulated practice in the acquisition of clinical psychomotor skills for pre-registration student nurses? A systematic review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 102, 103466.
  • Shin, H., Rim, D., Kim, H., Park, S., & Shon, S. (2019). Educational Characteristics of Virtual Simulation in Nursing: An Integrative Review. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 37, 18-28.
  • Smith, S. J., Farra, S. L., Ulrich, D. L., Hodgson, E., Nicely, S., & Mickle, A. (2018). Effectiveness of Two Varying Levels of Virtual Reality Simulation. Nursing Education Perspectives (Wolters Kluwer Health), 39(6), E10–E15.
  • Verkuyl, M., Lapum, J. L., St-Amant, O., Hughes, M., Romaniuk, D., & McCulloch, T. (2020). Exploring Debriefing Combinations After a Virtual Simulation. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 40, 36–42.
  • Creating Multi-Patient Simulations

    Use any combination of free resources to create a “unit” of patients.

    • Assign students to the role of team lead or charge nurse and determine patient assignments and responsibilities for a team of RNs, LPNs, and CNAs.
      • Develop leadership/management questions such as:
        • Who do you need to consult for each patient?
        • The physician is rounding what orders do you need for each patient?
        • You have a new admission and need to transfer a patient to open a bed. Who will you transfer?
    • Have a group of students join a collaborative site with screen share options such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Have students assume different the different team member roles for each scenario. Stop after each video to pose questions, discuss thoughts, etc. Group debrief at end.
  • Evolving Resources for Clinical Replacement (pdf)
    Developed by Eaton, C., Durham, C. and Waxman, K.T. (2020)

  • PPE Donning & Doffing Microsim
    Focused on CDC guidelines specific to COVID-19, and references all the current guidelines. The microsim guides the learner through a ~10 minute lesson in donning and doffing, evaluates the learner's knowledge, as well as their confidence performing the tasks.

  • Team STEPPS Videos for Leadership/Management Courses

    Options for using Applying TeamSTEPPS videos for leadership/management courses:

    • Post link to one or all videos in LMS and have students watch then post discussion questions related to how they would have handled the situation(s)
    • Have a group of students join a collaborative site with screen share options such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Stop after each video to pose questions, discuss thoughts, etc. Group debrief at end.
  • YouTube Videos (Avkin)

    There are lots of medical simulation videos on YouTube. Behavioral Health Example: Arik Meshnikov

    Options for using simulations found on YouTube.

    • Post link to video in LMS and have students watch then post discussion questions based on video.
    • Have a group of students join a collaborative site with screen share options such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Pause video at times to pose questions, discuss thoughts, etc. Group debrief at end of video.
    • Assign students a video to watch then have them develop a plan of care for the patient.
    Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges one health case free. Public health ideas.
    American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG)
  • ACOG
    American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologist
  • APNA
    American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • ASA
    American Society of Anesthesiologists CME offerings
  • Anesthesia SimSTAT
  • ASPE
    Association of Standardized Patient Educators Distance Learning & Telehealth Teaching Resources
  • California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative
    Free resources and toolkits.
  • California Simulation Alliance
    Free simulation scenarios and tools
  • CAN-Sim
    Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators using Simulation’s free virtual simulation games and resources including a COVID-19 virtual simulation game.
  • GNSH
    Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare
  • Health Education England
    137 Simulation Scenarios that can be adapted for online.
  • Josie King Foundation
    Video and guided questions pertinent to patient safety and errors.
  • NLN
    National League for Nurses COVID-19 Resources
  • NLN ACES Cases
    Developed as manikin/standardizes patient scenarios but can be used virtually. Include video and/or audio patient monologues. Faculty tool kits under each scenario provide suggestions. Includes a variety of resources for students and faculty. Was developed for nursing, however some scenarios are applicable for CNA.
  • OADN
    Organization for Associate Degree Nursing free Virtual Simulation Reviews partnering with Unbound Medicine.
  • QSEN Teaching Strategies
    The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project addresses the challenge of preparing future nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems within which they work. This website is a central repository of information on the core QSEN competencies, KSAs, teaching strategies, and faculty development resources designed to best support this goal. Case Western Reserve University Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing hosts QSEN and is led by Dr. Mary Dolansky
  • Scenario Exchange
    Free scenario exchange for all healthcare disciplines. There are a few video-based activities. You can use the search option to find them. Will need to sign up for an account. They ask you to contribute a scenario to the exchange as “payment”. Some scenarios include faculty resources.
  • Simulation Canada
    COVID-19 simulation scenarios and exercises.
  • Simulation Regulations (INACSL)
    Map providing local government and boards of nursing regulations regarding replacing clinical hours with simulation
  • SSH
    Society for Simulation in Healthcare COVID-19 Updates and Helpful Links
  • Virtual Simulation Community of Learning
    Free virtual healthcare experience and virtual simulation
  • AHRQ TeamStepps
  • Aquifer
    Virtual Experience
  • ATI Real Life Scenarios
    RN Adult Med/Surg, PN Adult Med/Surg, RN Maternal Newborn, RN Care of Children, RN Mental Health products available.
  • ATI – Webinars
  • Avkin
  • CAE Healthcare
    COVID-19 Resources
  • Choosing Wisely
    Virtual Videos
  • CNA Online Simulations
    Basic care slide-based scenarios. Include “choose your path” options with rationale for correct and incorrect decisions. Very simple. Would recommend adding additional assignments as supplements.
  • DxR Clinician
    Virtual Experiences
  • DxR Development Group, Inc.
    DxR Nursing SELECT an interactive virtual patient case studies for undergraduate nursing education. VirtualPT Clinician an online virtual patient case study software for physical therapy education.
  • EHR Go
    EHR case studies
  • Elsevier Clinical Toolkit and remote teaching resources
  • EM Sim Cases
    Virtual Cases
  • F.A. Davis Cares
    Free distance education resources, including tips and strategies for online teaching. Request training and a consultation to discuss your program’s distance learning needs.
  • F.A. Davis Distance Learning Hub for Undergraduate Nursing
    Free access to Skills Videos, Interactive Clinical Scenarios, and Clinical Simulations to develop clinical judgment skills and simulate clinical experiences.
  • Geeky Medics
    Virtual Cases
  • Healthcare Learning Innovations
    Earn simulated clinical hours online and experience realistic practice in a safe environment. Virtual Clinical Scenarios allow nurses and nursing students to master clinical judgment and leadership skills.
    Comprehensive COVID-19 Medical Simulation Resources List
  • I-Human
    Virtual patient simulator. Click here for live demo of a COVID-19 case
  • Kaplan
    Build student diagnostic competency and clinical judgment skills.
  • KbPort
    COVID-19 Relief Effort
  • Laerdal Resource Center
    COVID-19: Complimentary simulation scenarios (including COVID-19), safety procedures, and checklists for healthcare providers
  • Laerdal COVID-19 Skills Training
    FREE Online Training Tool: COVID-19 skills training. Try out the ‘Peer-to-Peer approach’ to skills training in donning PPE, doffing PPE, and specimen sampling with any mobile device.
  • Lippincott Docucare
    Contains multiple prebuilt patient charts with associated Active Learning Packets that include information about how to use product. Option: Use Classroom Activity option and have students post responses on Blackboard discussion board.
  • LiquidGoldConcept LactationQBank
    The LactationQBank is designed for learners of all levels to build clinical decision-making, technical, and counseling skills relevant to lactation support. Learners build mastery in breastfeeding and breast health topics through a scaffolded approach, culminating in an on-demand live encounter with a standardized patient through a video call..
  • Medical Joyworks
    Virtual Cases
  • Medline
    Case Studies and Webinars.
  • Medportal
  • Medscape
    Case Studies
  • Merlot
    Virtual Resources
  • Minerva Medical
    2 free COVID-19 simulations. Full Code is an open-ended simulation running in web browsers & Apple/Google devices. 105+ cases in emergency medicine.
  • NovEx Online simulation to onboard nurses. Applicable to nursing students.
  • NurseTim Inc. vclinicals
    Nurse Tim, Inc. offers a free 30 day trial of their student vclinical product. Includes scenarios related to dosage calculations, medication passes, obstetrics, mental health, pediatrics, med/surg, and emergency. Does not include any faculty resources. Was developed for nursing, however some scenarios can be applied to other disciplines by developing discipline specific questions etc.
  • Online MedEd
    Learning Videos
  • OPENPediatric Courses
    Free basic to critical care pediatric web-based courses from 30 minutes to 15 hours long Click on ‘Courses_Free Self-Paced Training’. Choose the Non- accredited certificate option. Students and Faculty can register for a free account. Use filter option on left hand side to narrow down options by discipline.
  • OTIS
    Free resources to support teachers and schools during this time. Free OTIS platform and chat box to assist.
  • Oxford Medical Simulation
  • PeriopSim
    Clinical Experiences for Periop RNs and Surgical Technologists
  • Ponder™ the Socratic Way
    "Simulation in a box" by LifeCareSim, LLC. A game that creates unpredictable, constantly evolving patient case studies with problems to solve throughout the game.
  • Practice Fusion
  • Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experiences
  • SimTabs
    Virtual Experiences
  • Simulab COVID-19 Resource Center
    A collection of resources that include how to clean and sanitize your simulators, ICU protocol training resources, free access to CVC online curriculum and more.
  • Simulab Online CVC Training Curriculum
    Simulab is supporting an urgent need for continuing training and education on critical procedural skills by providing opportunities to help transition skills training out of the classroom and to interactive online formats.
  • Swift River Virtual Clinicals
    Free Trial Available
  • The Sim Tech Scenarios
    Basic scenarios provides a basis for creating student assignments to match the content.
  • SurgiReal Products, Inc.
    A free catalog of training videos, suture patterns, and various skills.
  • TracPrac for Tracking Clinical Learning
    TracPrac® is a mobile clinical evaluation management solution.
  • UbiSim
    VR Training platform for nursing with free Virtual Simulation Recorder available to all institutions.
  • VHealthcare
    Virtual Gaming
  • vSim for Nursing
  • WorldPoint
    A distributor for the healthcare industry including everything from PPE to manikins with clinical scenarios, etc including ones for C19.

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