Women in Leadership 2021

A.S.P.I.R.E.  May 25th, 9:30 a.m. ET

Advocate | Succeed | Persevere | Inspire | Resilience | Equity


The past year has been anything but normal. We persevered by leading through challenges, choices, and changes. Inspired to advocate for those in need, we elevated resilience and equity to the forefront. Success became achievable through community connections and collaborations.

With a lens toward the future, the 4th Women in Leadership Symposium aspires to recognize your authentic leadership strengths as a foundation for success.  We will explore your strengths and identify strategies to build strong teams to meet a constantly evolving landscape for communities of practice. Voices from simulation leaders will engage us in dialogue to reflect on our strengths as we lead from where we sit.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify and reflect your Top 5 leadership strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Utilize your strengths in an interactive session
  • Commit to making an impact in your community of practice
  • Apply three lessons learned during this symposium
  • Explore diversification of strengths to maximize the diversity within your team



Keynote Presentation- Finding our Internal Resilience and Grit

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Arnold, MD, MSc, FAAP 

Jennifer Arnold, MD, MSc is currently an attending neonatologist and Medical Director of the Simulation Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She is an experienced neonatologist, medical educator, healthcare advocate, and simulation researcher with a passion for delivering high-quality patient care through innovation, technology and effective debriefing.  As a leader in healthcare simulation educational research, Arnold has received numerous awards. She has spoken both nationally and internationally on healthcare simulation education and has appeared on television programs including Oprah, The Today Show, GMA, Dr. OZ, The Doctors, Wendy Williams, Anderson Cooper, and CNN among others. She is widely known for starring in The Little Couple, a television show that chronicles her home life with her husband, Bill Klein, and their two adopted children - now in its 10th season!  Arnold and Klein each have a rare form of dwarfism and have had multiple surgeries. Dr. Arnold has demonstrated her internal resilience and grit over her lifetime.  She will discuss how she has persevered to become a successful leader in healthcare and simulation.

Jennifer Arnold


Using your Strengths to Lead

Presented by Dr. Jone Tiffany, DNP, MA, RN, CNE, CHSE, ANEF

Dr. Tiffany is a Professor of Nursing, Healthcare Education Consultant, and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. In her academic role, she is involved in designing and implementing simulation in the lab and in virtual settings; the use of educational technology; and teaches Innovations in Nursing Education and Nursing Informatics. She also chairs the Credentialing and Privileging sub-committee of the Board of Directors for the Fairview Care system in Minneapolis, MN.  Dr. Tiffany has presented nationally and internationally on the use of simulation to improve outcomes, the use of virtual simulation platforms such as vSim and Second Life for nursing and medical education, and the use of technology to improve student outcomes. She is a Certified Nurse Educator, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator, and was inducted into the Academy of Nursing Education Fellows in September 2016. During her 2016-2017 sabbatical, she was the National League for Nursing Technology Scholar in Residence. Dr. Jone Tiffany, DNP, MA, RN, CNE, CHSE, ANEF, currently works at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN.

Jone Tiffany

Women in Leadership Symposium Background: 

The purpose of this initiative is to bring together curious and aspiring, new and experienced leaders in healthcare simulation. The challenges and opportunities for female healthcare simulation professionals include the development of leadership skills in all professional sectors (clinicians of all stripes, operations specialists, engineers, educators, administrators, and industry) in environments that often lack built-in resources and networks in their professional development. 

History of the WIL Symposium: 

The inaugural WIL Symposium was held in NYC in 2018, and the keynote speaker was Jillann Farmer, MD, who is the medical director for the United Nations. The 2nd annual meeting was held in 2019 in Dallas, and the keynote speaker was Kim Siniscalchi, RN, who is a retired Major General and former Assistant Surgeon General.  Each of these symposia has been an interactive day of personal and professional development, vigorous discussion, relationship-building and yes, leveraging the power of experiential learning with simulation. An added success has been that the symposium is now a collaborative partnership between 3 major North American simulation societies, SSH, INACSL, and ASPE (abbreviations for brevity). The conference is open to any and all with an interest in community and uplifting women in leadership.