Committee Members


What is it like to be an INACSL committee member?


By Leslie Graham

As the use of simulation in healthcare education continues to catch like wildfire, the enthusiasm for this active learning strategy fans the flames. Students report they “like it” as simulated experiences make them feel more confident and less anxious while practicing on a mannequin. However, faculty often experience challenges in developing quality simulations.

As an organization, INACSL's vision is to be a '...portal to the world of clinical simulation....".

True to their word, INACSL provides support and guidance to strengthen the simulation community. In keeping with this commitment to the membership, a transparent and collaborative Board of Directors oversees the many committees that make this organization great.

There is ample opportunity to join a committee that suits your interest. There are positions that allow the incumbent to “sink their teeth into” to foster the mission and vision of INACSL. As an INACSL committee member, I have been both challenged and rewarded. I meet monthly with the representatives from all practice settings (graduate, undergraduate, LVN/LPN, service and technology) to share concerns and successes. Advocating for their individual constituents, action plans are developed in response to members needs assessments. Webinars as requested by the INACSL membership are being developed by Program Committee.  The Communications Committee keeps our members updated, monitoring the listserv or sending renewal reminders. Find your niche....It is very empowering to make a difference in healthcare education.

Below please find a complete list of the INACSL Board of Directors:

Vice President for Programs: Laura Gonzalez

Vice President for Finance: Nicole Harder

Vice President for Membership: Kate Morse

Vice President for Outreach: Mary Fey

Vice President for Operations: Michelle Aebersold

Vice President for Research: Suzie Kardong-Edgren

Vice President for International Affairs: Leslie Graham

If you would like to be involved in any of the committees please visit the INACSL Volunteer Portal for more information.

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