Renew Membership

Before you renew, we recommend that you verify your membership profile information is up-to-date. You can do this from the "Edit My Profile" link on the Member Home Page upon login or by clicking here. Review all of your contact information on the various tabs for accuracy (Main, Address, Phones and Login).

Institutional and Associate Members
If you are the primary member (i.e. billing contact) on an Institutional or Associate Membership, you have the ability to add/remove individuals on the organizations membership. You can do this from the "Edit My Organization" link on the Member Home Page. 

  • To remove an existing member, click 'Make Inactive' beside the respective name
  • To add a new member, click 'Add New'; note that charges may apply based upon the number of members currently on your membership
    • Institutional members - minimum of four employees.
    • Associate members - minimum of two employees. 
    • Additional members for a reduced per person fee. 

Only the primary member on an Institutional & Associate Membership have renewal capabilities. All additional members on the membership are renewed as part of the primary membership. If you need assistance with changing the primary member, please contact us.

Individual Members
If you currently have an Individual Membership but multiple members of your organization are interested in joining together on an Institutional or Associate Membership, contact us prior to renewing.

Student/Retired Members
Student/retired members must contact our office directly to join or renew at the student/retired membership rate.  Student members must provided a scanned copy of their transcript or student id.  If you are moving from an individual membership to a student membership you will also need to contact us.