INACSL23 Virtual Extension 

Registration for the INACSL23 Virtual Extension is available! If you weren't able to join us in person in Providence, RI, the Virtual Extension can be purchased to enjoy select sessions from the in-person conference experience from your home or office. 

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INACSL23 Virtual Extension

Virtual Extension Pricing $565


Sessions Included in the Virtual Extension Package

  • Oyes lo que oigo? Relevance of Cultural, Linguistic Appropriate Services (CLAS ) in Simulation-Based Education
  • Get the insider scoop on submitting and reviewing manuscripts for Clinical Simulation in Nursing
  • The NCSBN National Simulation Study 10 Year Retrospective: Reflections, Lessons Learned and Moving Forward
  • Calming the Chaos…Solutions to Effectively Standardize Your Simulation Center
  • Mixed method evaluation of a postpartum hemorrhage escape room—A multi-site study
  • Training for the Game of Life: An Innovative Approach to Resuscitation Training Strategies to Maximize Team Performance
  • Finding Hope in a World that Always Changes
  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) in Simulation: A Collaborative Approach Between Three Healthcare Professions
  • Taking Professional Development to the Next Level
  • 0-100%: Journey from Nothing to Compliance
  • Stop - Attention Thief! Managing distractions during Medication Administration
  • Building Strategic Partnerships to Fulfill Critical Nursing Needs Using Skills and Simulation
  • Effectiveness of Building Neonatal and Pediatric Palliative Care Capacity in India
  • Applying the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice: Simulation DesignTM to behavioral intervention development and research design
  • Fostering Clinical Judgement Decision Making Using Extended Reality Simulation
  • Development of a Simulation-Based Virtual Learning Activity to Facilitate Clinical Decision-Making in ACNP Students
  • Prioritizing Competencies Needed by Simulation Facilitators
  • Inclusion of Disability Content in Simulation: An Evaluation of the Learners’ Perspective on The Effectiveness of a Pediatric Tabletop Simulation
  • Using a Cognitive Aide with a Robust Electronic Medical Record as Simulation Preparation to Increase Learners' Clinical Judgement
  • Structured Debriefing to Increase Next Generation NCLEX Preparedness: a Tool for
  • A Collaborative Simulation: Navigating Care and Advocacy of Diverse Patients in Crisis
  • Utilizing Data-Driven Benchmarks in Simulation to Drive Quality Improvement Strategies
  • Mindfulness and Resilience Practices for Stress Reduction in a BSN Simulation Program
  • Hayden Vanguard Lectureship
  • Developing awareness and empathy for person’s hearing distressing voices in entry level nursing students
  • From Bedside to Brain: Simulation and Brain Based Teaching
  • Using an Interprofessional Community Based Approach to Develop Innovative Simulation Based Experiences for Vulnerable or Underserved Patient Populations
  • Low-Cost Asynchronous Virtual Simulation for Graduate Level Nursing Students
  • HSSOBP Session 1: Sim Design, Prebriefing: Preparation and Briefing, Operations, Simulation Enhanced IPE, and Evaluation
  • HSSOBP™ Session 2: Professional Integrity, Facilitation, The Debriefing Process, Outcomes and Objectives, and Professional Development

Total possible CNEs: 26

Note: Access to virtual extension package will end on Tuesday, October 31. All sessions and evaluations must be completed before Tuesday, October 31 to earn CNEs.