The Membership Committee is launching the Each One Reach One campaign. The campaign will run from September 2018 through the end of February 2019. The INACSL member that recruits the most new members will receive $140 INACSL dollars to put towards members, conference, webinars, or other INACSL purchases.


Current members are encouraged to reach out to recruit new members. By increasing membership, you will make a difference to INACSL’s core values: Share, Inspire, Discover and Transform. All members, new and old, benefit from networking, collaboration, evidenced-based teaching, learning, practice, and diversity of thought. Collectively, members influence the agenda and revolutionize healthcare through simulation.


The new member application has a line to recognize the member who reached one. Each month, Current News will list members who reached a new member. In March, the member with the highest number of reached members will be recognized with $140 INACSL dollars.


Review the benefits of INACSL membership to enhance your REACH.