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The INACSL Community Boards are a way for members to share information, collaborate and discuss simulation practices. We have four (4) boards members can participate in: International, Research, Clinical Practice, and Education.  Scroll down for information about each board and how to join.



The International Community Message Board encourages participation from colleagues globally. We look forward to discussing topics related to successes in our use of simulation and encourage posting of innovative methods and ideas, sharing videos, materials, resources that you find helpful. Community members interested in student or faculty exchanges, research partnerships, or more ways to collaborate internationally can find an open community here. Finally, special topics of interest can inhabit their own thread. Join us and share your expertise, questions, challenges, and celebrations. We are moderating in English but respect colleagues with rich languages and backgrounds and will do our best to keep things easily translatable.



The Research Community Board is designed to provide a place where academic and clinical based educators, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about the evidence behind simulation can convene, collaborate, and communicate. INACSL members often "know" the incredible value of simulation to our students, and the goal is to help turn that "knowing" into evidence! This forum is a place where individuals interested in the same research topics can partner, where new researchers can ask questions, and where non-researchers can explore and learn. Welcome to the Research Board!


Clinical Practice

The Clinical Practice Community Discussion Board is a place for nurses in all areas of practice to come together, collaborate, and share innovative ideas and ways to advance nursing practice. This board embraces all areas of bedside nursing, community health, and all areas of Advanced Practice. Since clinical practice guidelines are regularly changing, these forums and threads are an amazing opportunity for nurses in clinical practice to keep each other updated on practice guidelines. Additionally, we hope you will use each other as resources for collaboration given everyone's diverse areas of expertise.



The Education Community Board is a place where educators can discuss the implementation of simulation pedagogy in learning environments. This board includes both academic and practice educators looking to network, problem solve, gain knowledge and collaborate to enhance simulation-based education across institutions. Key elements of the Education Community Board align with the INACSL core values to share, inspire, discover and transform. We welcome your participation. Together we can work to advance the science of simulation in the education of healthcare professionals.

Watch this short video on how to join the Community Boards or download this PDF.