INACSL Membership Discounts

INACSL members who are also members of an affiliate organization may receive an annual discount on their INACSL or affiliate organization membership.

The following apply:

  • The discount code must be entered on the online registration or renewal form during the application process. Discounts will not be applied retroactively.
  • Only Individual INACSL members qualify for the INACSL discount (excludes: Institutional, Student/Retired and Lifetime membership categories).
  • Members of INACSL who are also members of multiple affiliate organizations may apply one (1) discount code per year to their INACSL membership.
  • Members may apply the discount to either their INACSL membership or membership with the affiliate organization. For example: A member of SSiH and INACSL may apply their discount to renewal of either their INACSL membership or their SSiH membership, not to membership with both organizations.

Click on the appropriate organization below to access INACSL discount codes and information on how to acquire affiliate organization discount codes.