Regional Interest Groups (RIGS)

RIGS Application


  • Connect like-minded individuals around simulation-based research, learning, and practice in a designated international geographical region.
  • Develop community of practice for international members of INACSL
  • Enact the vision and mission of INACSL to advance the science of healthcare simulation and transform the practice to improve patient safety through excellence in healthcare simulation.
  • Work in collaboration with INACSL to utilize and share evidence-based research that informs and improves simulation-based education on a local scale in international regions.
  • Utilize The Standards of Best Practices: Simulation©



  • A RIG is comprised of active INACSL members organizing as a group within a designated region outside of the Continental U.S. and Canada.
  • Must be located outside North America.
  • 6 or more INACSL members supporting the vision and mission of INACSL in that region. The total number of members shall not drop below 6 for the first 12-month of designation as a RIG. Beginning the second year, membership should show an increase with average growth of 5% per year over the first three years.  At the three year mark the membership should not be below the original starting membership numbers.
  • During the first year a RIG is established, members can receive incentive membership pricing
  • 3-4 members willing take on leadership roles within the RIG. These positions are:
    • Chair of the RIG, or two individuals willing to serve as Co-Chairs of the RIG.
    • RIG Outreach Coordinator
    • RIG Secretary/Treasurer


  • How to apply for INACSL RIG status
    • Completion of an INACSL RIG application
    • Review of the submitted application by INACSL within 3 months.
    • Approval is granted to RIGS that meet the criteria.
  • Once Approval is granted
    • The RIG will establish a name and may work with INACSL to develop a modified INACSL logo for use promoting its work regionally, if desired.
    • The RIG leadership and INACSL sign a formal agreement agreeing to roles & responsibilities as well as expectations of each party for the next 5 years.
    • INACSL provides a webpage template to the Outreach Coordinator for their use, if desired.
      • INACSL staff will update the INACSL webpage content once per quarter as requested.
    •  INACSL provides a conduit to the latest evidence-based research through the Clinical Simulation in Nursing Journal subscriptions included with INACSL membership.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The RIG will:

  • Uphold INACSL’s mission to advance the science of healthcare simulation.
  • Support INACSL’s vision of transforming practice to improve patient safety through excellence in healthcare simulation.
  • Conduct at least one annual face-to-face or virtual business meeting with members of the RIG in accordance with the INACSL bylaws.
  • Submit an annual report to INACSL Vice President for International Affairs explaining the RIG’s activities (due each May).
  • Maintain a current profile on the INACSL website, if interested.
  • Maintain a minimum of 12 or 15 active INACSL members beginning the second year.
  • Maintain a minimum of 3 leadership positions within the RIG to support activities of the group
  • Adhere to the INACSL bylaws.

Officers: Each RIG will have three leadership positions:

  • The Chair, or Co-Chairs are responsible for leading the RIG, to call a minimum of 4 meetings per year,  and provide an annual report to the INACSL Board.
  • The Chair, or Co-Chairs of the RIG will liaise with a member of the International Committee.
  • The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for communicating with members and potential members to develop a plan for upcoming meetings with the other RIG officers.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for keeping minutes of any meetings, assisting with annual report and keeping track of RIG finances.
  • The leadership team of the RIG is responsible for succession planning for the RIG and training incoming leadership as needed. After the first 5 years as a RIG, the leadership should consider changing over every 2-3 years.

Dissolution: The RIG may be formally dissolved by the RIG Leadership or INACSL when…

  • Membership drops below 6 members for more than 6 months.
  • The RIG does not submit an annual report, within 3 months of a follow up request.
  • The RIG is in violation of the INACSL bylaws.
  • The RIG is in violation of logo use policies.


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RIGS Application