Conference Planning Committee


The Conference Planning Committee will support the INACSL membership by:

  • Providing an engaging educational networking opportunity through the annual INACSL conference
  • Developing and update scoring rubric for research content submitted for presentation and poster at the annual meeting
  • Providing abstract review of research submissions for the annual meeting


  • Maintain confidentiality about deliberations on committee work
  • Execute the responsibilities and annual charge(s) of the committee to fulfil the committee’s purpose and the association’s strategic plan
  • Attend committee meetings and complete assigned tasks
  • Provide support during the INACSL Conference
  • Abstracts:
    • Abstract Review – Ad Hoc (Sept. – Nov.)
    • Familiarity with Abstract Scoring Rubric requirements and ratings
    • Participate in review of abstracts as assigned (research, service, education, etc.) in a timely fashion
  • Members of any committee shall receive no fee, salary, or remuneration of any kind for service.  Committee members will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred with board approval upon submission of proper documentation

Terms of Office

  • Members at large
  • Term = Two years
  • Members may serve a total of two terms (total of 4 years maximum)
  • Members may serve on a total of two committees concurrently

Time Commitment

  • The bulk of conference planning occurs in the fall and spring prior to the conference
  • Attend bi-weekly virutal meetings, regularly
  • Weekly virtual meetings may occur as conference date nears 
  • Sub-committee and working groups have their own monthly virtual meetings


  • INACSL Member
  • Commitment to active service
  • Experience in healthcare simulation
  • Conference planning skills and experience preferred

Open Positions

  • Abstract Reviewers for 2022 (Call will occur Sept.)
  • Carolina/Raleigh House Planning Group (Call will occur Sept.)

Committee Meeting Dates

  • TBD

Upcoming Projects

  • Planning for the INACSL Conference, 2022 - Committee
  • Planning for Carolina/Raleigh House at INACSL Conference, 2022 - Sub-Committee
  • Review of Abstract Submissions for INACSL Conference, 2022 - Microvolunteer

Meet the Committee!

  • Tonya Schneidereith (Chair)
  • Carman Turkelson (VP for Programs)
  • Mary Anne Cantrell (Lead Nurse Planner)
  • Kelley Connor (Vice Chair)
  • Amanda Hunt
  • Elizabeth Horsley
  • Cindy Weston

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