Webinar Subcommittee


  • Attend a monthly committee meeting
  • Evaluate annual conference evaluations (July-August) and invite top session presenters to submit a webinar abstract for consideration
  • Evaluate membership surveys to determine possible topics and speakers for webinars
  • Identify potential webinars topics in collaboration with research committee recommendations
  • Review (1) assigned webinar in-time, complete within 7 days, send to Chair once rubric and feedback is complete
  • Stay ahead of trends and suggest potential topics of interest to the membership
  • Periodically review and rate abstracts collected for webinars
  • Facilitate a minimum of one webinar per year (June-July)
  • Attend one review webinar to learn how to facilitate a webinar
  • Complete all required ANCC webinar paperwork prior to webinar with the assistance of nurse planner  and LNP
  • Ensure that presenter(s) provide all required ANCC paperwork prior to presentation
  • Provide Chair with periodic updates on the progress of ANCC paperwork and status of presenter/presentation
  • Work with INACSL staff to plan advertising, practice session and set up of webinar
  • Learn how to navigate the webinar system for the successful delivery of content through training from INACSL staff

Term Office

  • 6 Members at large, minimum
  • Term = 2 years
  • Members may serve a total of two terms (total of 4 years on sub-committee)

Time Commitment

  • Attend a minimum of 6 virtual sub-committee meetings annually.
  • Attend all virtual meetings and live session for the webinar(s) you are involved with producing
  • Each member will review a minimum of 1 webinar annually
  • Each member will evaluate a minimum of 1 webinar annually
  • Each member will act as lead for a minimum of 1 webinar annually
  • Estimated time commitment per webinar = 2-5 hours

Meeting Date

  • Fourth Thursday of each month at 12:00 pm EST

Meet the Committee


  • Suzanne Applegate
  • Melinda Armstrong (Nurse Planner)
  • Casey Cassidy
  • Beth Culross
  • Patty Fitzgerald (Nurse Planner)
  • Christopher Garrison (Chair)
  • Nichole Jackson
  • Sheryl Sandahl

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