Governance Committee


The purpose of the Governance Committee is to support the INACSL membership by:

  1. Providing oversight and advisement to the INACSL board of directors regarding best practices in organizational governance
  2. Review the bylaws every two years and facilitate updates, if needed.
  3. Assist with the creation of and periodically review organizational policies and procedures


  • Maintain confidentiality about deliberations on committee work
  • Execute the responsibilities and annual charge(s) of the committee to fulfill the committee’s purpose and the association’s strategic plan
  • Bylaws Review (Odd Years)
  • January - Vice President, Chair and Committee meet to discuss possible changes to bylaws
  • February - contact INACSL Board of Directors for incorporate any visionary changes, updates, recommendations and changes to their position and/or committees for consideration in the revised bylaws
  • February thru April – Committee continues to meet to complete the work of revising the bylaws
  • April 1 - Submit bylaw revisions for the board of director approval
  • May 1 - Post bylaw revisions with rationale for membership discussion and approval
  • June (at INACSL annual business meeting - Final discussion of changes and membership vote
  • Policy & Procedure Review (even years)
  • Work with VP for Operations to review and recommend changes to policies and procedures.
  • Members of any committee shall receive no fee, salary, or remuneration of any kind for service.  Committee members will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred with board approval upon submission of proper documentation

Terms of Office

  • 5 members at large (minimum)
  • Term = Two Years
  • Members may serve a total of two terms (total of 4 years on a committee)
  • Members may serve on a total of two committees concurrently

Time Commitment

Depends on the annual focus of the committee, see details below:

  • Bylaws - Meeting approximately every two weeks from December to March in odd years
  • Policies and Procedures - as needed with concentrated work in even years
  • Attend a minimum of 6 virtual meetings annually


  • INACSL Member
  • Commitment to active service
  • Experience in healthcare simulation
  • Experience in governance preferred

Meeting Dates

  • Every 3rd Thursday of the month

Upcoming Projects

  • Finish revisions to bylaws for 2018 (Fall)
  • Create additional policies and procedures needed to assist with organizational governance
  • Review policies and procedures proposed by other committees before board review

Meet the Committee!

  • Jennifer Dent
  • Crystal Graham, Chair
  • Meghan Jones, Vice Chair
  • Susan Prather
  • Tracie White


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