Membership Committee


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to support the INACSL membership by:

  • sustaining and growing INACSL membership
  • recognizing and acknowledge members through annual awards


  • Maintain confidentiality about deliberations on committee work
  • Execute the responsibilities and annual charge(s) of the committee to fulfil the committee’s purpose and the association’s strategic plan
  • Maintain a diverse committee make up that reflects the diverse membership of INACSL
  • Provide engagement of the membership
  • Execute membership related activities
  • Identify current membership trends
  • Work with staff on issues directly related to membership
  • Execute the membership awards process annually
    • Solicit INACSL members for deserving award recipients
    • Work with staff to update award information on website and develop timeline for awards application and review
    • Review award application submissions and provide feedback in a timely manner
    • Assist with notifying award recipients and nominees of award results as directed
  • Periodical analyze member services
  • Solicit member feedback through period member and exit surveys
  • Assist VP of Membership with identifying new affiliate opportunities for the organization
  • Members of any committee shall receive no fee, salary, or remuneration of any kind for service.  Committee members will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred with board approval upon submission of proper documentation

Terms of Office

  • 5 members at large (minimum)
  • Term = Two years
  • Members may serve a total of two terms (total of 4 years on committee)
  • Members may serve on a total of two committees concurrently

Time Commitment

  • Attend a minimum of 6 virtual monthly meetings annually.
  • Estimate 2-4 hours of work time per month


  • INACSL Member
  • Commitment to active service
  • Experience in healthcare simulation
  • Preferred: Assist with actvities at INACSL Conference annual (June)

Open Positions

  • Committee members (as of August, 2018)

Meeting Date

  • 2nd Tuesday of the month from 5:00-6:00 p.m. ET

Upcoming Projects

  • Plan activities for INACSL Conference, 2019
  • Review Anthony Battaglia Conference Scholarship Applications (Winter)
  • Review annual Membership Award Applications (Spring)


Please select your subcommittee of interest for detailed information:

Meet the Committee!

  • April Belle
  • Hollis Caswell
  • Fran Kamp
  • Barbara Galloway 
  • Maureen Hillier (Chair)
  • Ashley Krebs
  • Mari Nowicki
  • Amy Owen
  • Kathryn Whitcomb
  • Disha Patel
  • Melanie Cason
  • Twyla Ens
  • Mary McDermott 

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