Awards Sub-Committee


  • Represents the special interests of the membership as they apply to meeting the By- laws (2017) of the organization and the membership of the Board of Directors.
  • Declare no conflict of interest and sign COI form annually
  • Will hold in STRICT CONFIDENCE ALL Sub-Committee discussions and content related to the awards development, submissions, and selections processes.
  • Participates in Sub-Committee virtual meetings
  • Reviews monthly Sub-Committee reports to the VP Membership.
  • Presents information and discusses relevant issues with Awards Sub-Committee members related to membership awards.
  • Create timeline for processing Awards with staff.
  • Follows timeline  to post, review and announce award recipients annually.
  • Reviews Sub-Committee documents and announcements, i.e. web communications, Sub-Committee correspondence, updating rubrics and awards criteria, and the revision/creation of other Sub-Committee documents.

Terms of Office

  • Two (2) consecutive years

Time Commitment

  • Attend a minimum of one Sub-Committee virtual meeting every one-two months.
  • Participate during active award processes. 
  • Average of two hours for meetings: preparing, reading informational materials, and reviewing and revising Sub-Committee documents.
  • One-two full days to review awards submissions in the Spring, once all submissions are received.


  • INACSL Member
  • Commitment to active service
  • Prepared to engage in Sub-Committee activities.

Meet the Committee!

  • Kathryn Whitcomb
  • Alaina Herrington
  • Rebecca K. Cockrell
  • Melissa Leal
  • Gayle Stegall
  • Donna Paris