Research Committee


The purpose of the Research Committee is to support the INACSL membership by:

  1. monitoring the healthcare simulation research environment and provide timely information to the board and membership
  2. evaluating applications for and awarding of the Debra Spunt Research Grants annually
  3. providing members with opportunities to receive research training and mentorship through the INACSL Research Fellowship



  • Maintain confidentiality about deliberations on committee work
  • Execute the responsibilities and annual charge(s) of the committee to fulfill the committee’s purpose and the association’s strategic plan
  • Participant in the Research Project pool of volunteers available for short and longer-term projects
  • Continuous scanning of emerging simulation research to inform INACSL’s vision and mission
  • Review and score all assigned poster abstract submissions for the annual INACSL conference in conjunction with the Conference Planning Committee
  • Solicit three (3) research webinar abstracts from potential speakers annually
  • Provide a minimum of one (1) individual to assist the Membership Committee with overseeing the selection process for the Research Award annually
  • Develop research white papers as needed for the association
  • Develop research studies and articles as needed for the Clinical Simulation in Nursing journal
  • Oversee and facilitate the Professor Rounds during the poster judging session at the annual INACSL conference
  • Review and update the call for research podium and research poster abstracts for the annual meeting in June and report results to the Meeting Planning Group
  • Periodically conduct member surveys about research needs

Members of any committee shall receive no fee, salary, or remuneration of any kind for service.  Committee members will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred with board approval upon submission of proper documentation.


Terms of Office

  • 6 members at large (minimum)
  • Term = Two years
  • Members may serve a total of two terms (total of 4 years on committee)
  • Members may serve on a total of two committees concurrently


Time Commitment

  • Attend a minimum of two committee meetings annually. The frequency of meetings is determined based on need and specific project
  • Commitment varies with involvement in sub-committees and committee tasks



  • INACSL Member
  • Commitment to active service
  • Experience in healthcare simulation and interest in research
  • Broad awareness of the research process
  • Ph.D. or DNP preferred, will consider MS with strong interest in research



Please select your subcommittee of interest for detailed information:


INACSL Research Priorities

  • Translational research
  • Evaluation methods
  • Validity and reliability of instruments
  • The ratio of clinical time to the simulation time
  • Pre-briefing
  • Use of theory in simulation
  • Measurement of higher-order thinking (e.g. clinical reasoning)
  • Faculty development
  • Facilitator competence
  • Communication


Meeting Dates


Upcoming Projects

  • Review/update abstract rubric for INACSL Conference (July - September)
  • Review applications for Debra Spunt Research Grants (November)
  • Provide faculty for Research Fellowship (March - April)
  • Review Poster submissions at INACSL Conference (June)
  • Oversee Professor Rounds at INACSL Conference (June)

Meet the Committee!

  • Tonya Breymier (Repository)
  • Crystel Farina (Webpage)
  • Ashley Franklin (Vice-Chair)
  • Greg Gilbert (Abstracts)
  • Marie Gilbert (Debra Spunt)
  • Marian Luctkar-Flude (Research Postings)
  • Amanda Carmack 
  • Marie Gilbert
  • Mary Ann Cantrell

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