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We invite you to increase your involvement with the INACSL community through a variety of volunteer opportunties.


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Micro Volunteer Opportunities

Only have a few hours to spare? Only available to help during certain times of the year? Consider a short term micro volunteer opportunity with INACSL. You'll be helping out with projects that are time sensitive, occurring over a number of days or a month at most. Micro volunteer opportunities occur throughout the year. The majority of micro volunteer opportunities may involve 1-2 short, informational virtual meetings regarding the specific task. Most micro volunteer opportunities occur virtually, although there are micro volunteer opportunities at the INACSL Annual Conference each June.


Working Groups

Two (2) to six (6) months in length, working groups help tackle specific projects or tasks as part of a committee's work. Working groups convene throughout the year depending on the specific needs of each committee. Working groups may meet virtually several times during the project to review the work and assess progress. At this time, not all committees have working groups.


Standing Committees & Sub-Committees

Members of Standing Committees commit to a two (2) year tern of service. Terms usually start in July and end the following June. Members may request to extend their service for one (1) additional term. Committee members are asked to limit their service on a specific committee to no more than four (4) years. Members of INACSL may serve on no more than two (2) committees at one time. Committees range is size from 5-8 members. All of INACSL's Standing Committees function virtually, allowing members to participate where ever they are located. Committee meetings occur regularly: bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly depending on the specific committee and their needs.


Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Each Standing Committee has a Chair and Vice Chair. Vice Chairs are new member to a committee and are appointed for one (1) year w/ the expectation that they will considered for appointment to Chair for one (1) year after completing their year as Vice Chair. Chair and Vice Chairs are appointed annually (each June) by the President of INACSL, through recommendations of the Vice President working with the committee and in consultation with the Board of Directors.


Elected Positions

Members of the Nominations and Elections Committee as well as the Board of Directors are elected annually on a rotating schedule. Applications are accepted each fall for terms starting in late June. For more information on these positions, criteria and process please click here.


Highlighted Opportunities

The following micro volunteer, working group and committees opportunities are currently open. See committee descriptions below.

INACSL is currently determining who will be rotating off committees and sub-committees as we end the 2018-19 year (Aug-June) and start our 2019-20 year (Aug-June).  Please complete an interest form and we will match you with an open committee or sub-committee position durign the summer. 

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