Past Lectureship Recipients

2019 Recipient

Bradley Chesham, MSN, PGC, RN, ICU, ALS-I
Title: Immerse Everything
Queensland, Australia
Founder and Director Bundle of Rays (


2018 Recipient

Bryan Dang, BSN, RN, PHN
Title: Increasing the Clinician Education Pipeline: A Vision of Usability, Efficiency, and Good Design
San Jose State University - The Valley Foundation School of Nursing
Founder and Product Manager of Syminar


2017 Recipient

Susanna R. Cohen, DNP, CNM/MSN
Title: Human-centered Simulation: Tracing Innovation Back to Our Roots
Univeristy of Utah College of Nursing
Founder of PRONTO International


2016 Recipient

Amy Cowperthwait, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC
Title: Achieving Radical Change When It Feels Like Your Hands Are Tied
University of Delaware/ SimUCare Inc.
Founder and CEO of Avkin