Director Simulation Education, SON

Director Simulation Education, SON 
Stony Brook, NY
Posted 07.7.20

JOB DESCRIPTION: Director Simulation Education, SON The Simulation Education Director will organize participant learning activities under the supervision of the Chair of the Undergraduate Department. This individual will work with both the Undergraduate and Graduate faculty to develop simulation scenarios/curricula to bring nursing simulation-based approaches together and deploy these across multiple degree programs and create a learning environment that enhances the student’s ability to use conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills. The Director will work closely in a collaborative relationship with faculty and learners in the teaching of clinical skills and providing feedback on clinical performance.

QUALIFICATIONS:The successful incumbent will have excellent verbal, written, organizational and interpersonal skills, including presentation skills. They will be able to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends to meet the Simulation needs of the School of Nursing. They will work in a fast-paced environment, while multitasking complex projects, work independently on self-managed tasks and reach projected goals and deadlines, as well as part of a team and work in a fast-paced environment, while multitasking complex projects. Finally, they will provide ongoing maintenance of all simulation equipment, including cleaning, troubleshooting and system problems, and coordinate ongoing maintenance and repairs. The successful incumbent is required to have a Simulation Certification. If it is not completed at time of hire, the successful incumbent is required to complete the certification within a year being hired. This is also required for the BLS Instructor Certification. It is required to have the BLS instructor certification for the Director of Simulation Education for School of Nursing. If it is not completed by the time of hire, it will be required within a year of being hired.


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