Simulation Laboratory Assistant

Simulation Laboratory Assistant
UCF College of Nursing
Orlando, FL 32826
Posted 04.15.2021


Organizational Summary
Under the supervision of the STIM Center Assistant Director, the Simulation Laboratory Assistant will work to implement training opportunities designed to enhance student learning and promote patient safety and quality healthcare. The Simulation Laboratory Assistant will work with the Simulation Laboratory Coordinator and simulation faculty members to provide minor technical and mechanical support for various interdisciplinary healthcare simulations. Additionally, the Simulation Laboratory Assistant will provide administrative support as needed for student simulation experiences.


Responsibilities include:

-Perform pre-simulation activities, including assembly of learning materials, and equipment transport and set up.

-Perform post-simulation activities, including equipment break down, cleaning & storage, inventory updates and other activities as needed.

-Maintain communication with the STIM Center’s Assistant Director, Simulation Laboratory Coordinator, and faculty to collaborate on equipment requests and reports.

-Assist with data entry for record-keeping. Communicate effectively with STIM Center personnel and faculty before, during and after simulations and lab sessions.

-Manage the college's inventory for community outreach program and labs.

-Assist with creating moulage, and any other needed materials, for the simulation sessions as outlined in simulation documents and checklists.

-Other duties as assigned.

Salary Range: $15.00 per hour


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