Research Requests

INACSL Guidelines for Posting Information about Research Studies and Study Participant Recruitment

Individuals who would like to utilize the INACSL membership list via LinkedIn or Facebook need to follow the guidelines listed below and get approval prior to any postings.  

Requests must include the following:

  1. Full name and job title (where applicable).
  2. The email address to which any responses should be sent.
  3. For technical reasons, attached documents cannot be sent out to the List. Where possible, we recommend that you link to an online copy of the relevant document instead.
  4. If you are requesting information or expertise on a topic, please make your request as specific as possible.
  5. Try not to ask for information that can be easily sourced elsewhere.
  6. Requests should address topics of interest to the simulation community.
  7. IRB approval must be obtained before the request for posting has been made.
  8. Please submit a complete description of what you plan to post on either Facebook or LinkedIn.
  9. Individuals are responsible for posting their requests and gathering their own data.
  10. INACSL is unable to serve as the keeper of member/non-member research/data.

To request approval send a completed request form to the attention of Rose Kronziah-Seme.