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Managed by Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) The Virginia Henderson E-repository is a global digital service that collects, preserves and shares nursing research and evidence-based materials. There is no charge to submitting nurse authors and no access fee for individuals accessing or downloading materials. Items maybe submitted to the site as part of a collection, such as presentions at the INACSL Conference each year, or submitted under the Independent Submissions community. All individually submitted items are peer-reviewed. The primary author of the work must be a nurse or nursing student. Additional authors do not have to be nurses.;

Starting in 2016 presenters at the INACSL Conference have the opportunity to submit their presentations to the e-repository. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the e-repository:

Why would I want to post my materials?
If you will not be turning your poster or podium presentation into a manuscript for publication, the e-repository still allows you to get your ideas and data out into the scholarly community. Your submission will get a unique identification number from the e-repository, similar to a digital object identifier (doi) number, that allows people from all over the world to find and cite your work. When someone accesses your work, you will be notified along with the country that the accession came from. This becomes an indicator of the reach of your work and is downloadable for use in a tenure and promotion file.

Increased visibility of the work via an open-access, worldwide, online resource backed by STTI (Research has shown that work published in open-access repositories can gain up to 300% more citations than research published in journals that limit access through paid for subscriptions. That means increased exposure to your work and all the benefits that come with it. Increasingly, more research funding bodies are insisting that work carried out under their grants must also be deposited within an institutional or subject specific repository. Retrieved on 26 January 2016 from

Ability to create a free author page within the repository to share bio information, promote research and/or teaching interests, gather all submitted works from within the repository, and link to external research items.

Do I retain the copyright to my work?
Yes, the e-repository allows authors to retain copyright to their work.

What if my work is already accepted for publication?
There is no reason really for you to use the e-repository, as your work will be widely disseminated in the journal.

What if I submit my work later for publication, after putting it into the e-repository?
No problem! You will be rewording your abstract for publication and changing the title. This then allows you to not self- plagiarize and when your work is published, you will have your work disseminated into two different places.

What if I have other items I want to submit to the e-repository that are not related to INACSL?
You are free to submit to the e-repository as an independent submitter too. Only podium and poster papers and abstracts accepted by INACSL for the annual meeting will be included in the INACSL e-repository.  All individually submitted items are peer reviewed before posting.

Our INACSL conference submissions will be housed on INACSL’s personal page under the communities list 

For further information, please visit the Virginia Henderson E-repository webpage