Simulation Regulation Map

The map below includes the state Board of Nursing regulations for pre-licensure nursing programs. Click on the location to find out more about regulations, guidelines, and resources available for that location. Additional locations will be added as information is compiled.

If you have updated or new information we should take into consideration, please email INACSL staff member at

COVID-19 UPDATES:  During this time the NCSBN is periodically providing updated information.  Click here to access the update from 5/29/20. Additionally, you may access the most up to date information by clicking on your state or providence and select the hyperlink to the regulatory body in your local area.

Additional Resources

  • Click here to view webinar: Does Your Nursing Simulation Meet Current Regulations? (March 2021)
  • Click here to see a video summary of the article featured in Clinical Simulation in Nursing (2019) vol. 33.
  • Click here to view the article: Regulation of Simulation Use in United States Prelicensure Nursing Programs published in the August 2019 issue of Clinical Simulation in Nursing.


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  • Correct citation of the related article – Bradley, C., Johnson, B.,  Dreifuerst K., White, P., Conde, S., Meakim, C., Curry-Lourenco, K., & Childress, R. (2019, August). Regulation of Simulation Use in United States Prelicensure Nursing Programs.  Clinical Simulation in Nursing, Volume 33, 17-25.
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