Year of Regulation: 2018

Percentage of Clinical Replacement Hours:  RN, no more than 50%; PN, unlimited and may equal 100% of clinical experience hours for obstetrics and pediatrics course

Ratio of Simulation to Clinical Hours: RN, up to 50%; PN up to 50%, except for pediatric and obstetric clinical hours; An LPN education program may substitute up to 100% of pediatric and obstetric clinical hours with simulation laboratory. 

Definition of Simulation:  “Simulation laboratory” means activities that replicate patient care scenarios and are designed to foster clinical decision-making and critical thinking.  Scenarios may include the use of medium- or high-fidelity mannequins, standardized patients, role-playing, skills stations, and computer-based critical thinking simulations.

Simulation Educator Requirements:  A member of the nursing faculty who provides instruction in either the clinical or simulation laboratory shall hold a minimum of a baccalaureate degree in nursing or an equivalent standing in a nationally nursing accredited ADN to MSN nursing education program with attestation of baccalaureate-level competency from that educational program.


Michigan Board of Nursing

Michigan Board of Nursing - General Rules


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