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Repository of Instruments Used in Simulation Research

The INACSL Research Committee is in the process of creating an evidence matrix to aid simulation educators and researchers to understand the history of simulation measures, background testing, known psychometrics, citations, and corresponding author information. This process started in 2019, and each evidence matrix is noted with the last date a particular tool and/or publication was accessed and reviewed. As of now, “Skill Performance” and “Learner Satisfaction/Self Confidence” citations evidence matrices were uploaded in December 2020, and we are currently working on updating the remaining categories. These updates will be available over the ensuing months. Though the INACSL Research committee is providing this list of categorized citations, we cannot ensure the comprehensiveness of this list or validate any psychometric properties. We suggest proper pilot testing and psychometrics with use.

The instruments used for simulation were categorized based on the domains used in the NLN/Jeffries Simulation Theory as found in: Jeffries, P.R. (Ed.). (2015). The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory. New York, New York: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Three separate categories for debriefing, facilitator competence, and organization-level evaluation were added. There was a good faith effort to place instruments in the correct categories, although many instruments can be placed in multiple categories. Where possible, the purpose or names of the instruments are identified above the citation. Citations grouped together under a bolded heading belong to the same category.

If you would like to send feedback or request an instrument be added to the list, please complete the request form here: INACSL Instrument Repository Request Form. If you have any questions, please contact the INACSL Instrument Repository Liaison, Deniz Dishman, PhD, CRNA.