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Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are designed to provide opportunities for INACSL members to connect, collaborate and network with like-minded individuals around simulation-based special interest topics.

INACSL members can pay an add-on fee of $10.00 to join a SIG. Click here to join.

Current SIGs

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) SIG

Chair: Shani Marks
Vice-Chair: Denise Tola

The purpose of this SIG is to increase visibility of APRNs’ contribution to the field of simulation, improve the value quotient for APRN involvement, and foster meaningful contribution of APRN expertise into the field simulation.

Sustainability SIG

Chair: Dr. Melissa Bathish
Vice-Chair: Dr. Deb Lee

The purpose of this SIG related to healthcare simulation sustainability is to raise awareness of the effects of plastic and other waste in our learning environments and share innovative ideas on how we can manage this waste while maintaining authentic learning experiences for our healthcare learners.

Virtual Simulation SIG

Chair: Alyssa Zweifel
Vice-Chair: Tracy Chesney

The Virtual Simulation SIG works to establish a community of healthcare profession educators who have an interest in virtual simulations, screen-based simulations, serious games and virtual reality. The mission is to serve as a special interest group to advance virtual simulation development, integration and evaluation in healthcare profession education curricula.

Research SIG

Chair: Robin Lockhart
Vice-Chair: Beth Rogers

The purpose of this SIG is to collaborate on a year-long process to conduct research and collect data at the Annual Conference, with the goal to better align simulation with the needs of healthcare professionals.

Patient Safety SIG

Chair: Loretta Aller
Vice-Chair: KT Waxman

The purpose of this SIG is to provide a forum for patient safety advocates in simulation to collaborate, share, and build relationships. We will explore the state of the science, discuss processes, and support projects/individuals striving to use simulation to positively impact patient safety.

Interested in Starting an INACSL Special Interest Group (SIG)?

To learn more about starting an INACSL SIG, please download the INACSL SIG Regulations and then complete the application below.

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