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Women in Leadership Symposium

Thank you for attending our 4th Annual Women in Leadership Symposium on May 25, 2021! More information about the 5th Annual Women in Leadership Symposium will be available later this year. 

Women in Leadership Symposium Background

The Women in Leadership (WIL) Symposium was created to bring together curious and aspiring, new, and experienced leaders in healthcare simulation. The challenges and opportunities for female healthcare simulation professionals include the development of leadership skills in all professional sectors (clinicians of all stripes, operations specialists, engineers, educators, administrators, and industry) in environments that often lack built-in resources and networks in their professional development. 

History of the Symposium 

The inaugural WIL Symposium was held in New York City in 2018, and the keynote speaker was Jillann Farmer, MD, who is the medical director for the United Nations. The third annual meeting was held in 2019 in Dallas and the keynote speaker was Kim Siniscalchi, RN, who is a retired Major General and former Assistant Surgeon General. Each of these symposia have been an interactive day of personal and professional development, vigorous discussion, relationship-building, and leveraging the power of experiential learning with simulation. An added success has been that the symposium is now a collaborative partnership between three major North American simulation societies, SSH, INACSL, and ASPE. The conference is open to any and all with an interest in community and uplifting women in leadership.